"Salt is born of the purest of parents the sun and the sea" Pythagoras By Gina Gillipsie!!

With our dear loved one filming on location in Santa Fe
he's always bringing us back the most wonderful treasures~
this time from

I can't bear to put them away because they are so lovely

and fragrant

and interesting

and colorful

Hatch powder from Hatch Chiles in Hatch New Mexico
we call this 
Hatch Heroin
mixed with mayo?...you'll know why it's like heroin
I've never had heroin or know anyone who did... but I get it!

we put the crumbled pistachios as a crust on fish
add in some tarragon from the back yard?
Pistachio Heroin Heaven!

like Christopher Columbus' gold
all laid out artistically to see and smell

fresh ground anything is spectacular!

hey...how did this get in there?
local farmer's market blend

and while I do love the spices
my very favorite of all to cook with?

Salt is born of the purest of parents
 the sun and the sea

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